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Courage | Pride | Resilience

Students are referred to Chessbrook ESC, following a referral request from a mainstream school/outside agency and the recommendation of the Integration Panel. They attend an initial meeting with members of staff from Chessbrook, their parents/carers and a professional from the previous school (where applicable). This meeting outlines the Assessment and Induction (A&I) programme with the aim of ensuring a successful transition into Chessbrook. Our rules, expectations and core values of 'Courage, Pride and Resilience' and how they are incorporated into the curriculum are discussed with students, parents/carers at this initial meeting.

Lessons in the A&I programme include English, maths, science, PSHE, sport, art, food technology and land studies. A range of academic and cognitive assessments are also carried out to assess students' current working levels and identify effective recommendations for supporting their progress. In addition we work to assess social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) and incorporate a range of interventions into students' timetables to address these needs. Appropriate interventions are identified by working with the students. We are aware that in our setting it is particularly important that attainment on entry is judged and recorded effectively, in order that progress can be tracked quickly and efficiently to underpin any further provision.



Listen to what one of our former students had to say about his experience at Chessbrook


Luke was a former student at Chessbrook ESC. Once completing his GCSE's with us, he took some time to work towards his goal of going to university whilst regularly popping back to see us at Chessbrook.


We were delighted when Luke informed us in early September 2021 that he will be moving to university to study law. We were also so grateful that Luke even came back in November 2021 as our guest speaker at our awards evening despite being in the middle of his first term at university.


Luke is a shining example of what Chessbrook ESC can provide students.


Each new student is allocated a Personalised Learning Mentor (PLM) for the duration of their time at Chessbrook. The PLM is a key element of Personalised Learning. The PLM is part mentor, part advocate and part advisor. He or she is there to ensure that the student makes as much progress as possible at the centre, whether this is in practical subjects, academic subjects or in social and emotional development. In addition, the PLM will also liaise with outside agencies, such as other educational providers, and accompany the student to any interviews that might arise.


The PLM will meet with their mentee on a regular basis, including home visits and weekly phone calls, to discuss any issues the student may be experiencing whilst they are at Chessbrook. It will be the PLM’s duty to liaise, whenever necessary, with parents / carers to inform them of any rewards or sanctions their child has received over the week. The PLM will be the first point of call for the parent / carer whilst their child is at Chessbrook.


At the end of the Assessment and Induction period, the parents/carers and student are invited to a summary meeting with the Induction Co-ordinator and a member of the Leadership Team as well as their Personalised Learning Mentor, (PLM), to discuss the outcomes of the induction period and the most appropriate way forward for the student. The Assessment and Induction summary review includes both assessment results as well as feedback from individual subject staff and is the basis for any recommendations made. This may be a return to mainstream school or a continuation at Chessbrook ESC.