Education Support Centre
Courage | Pride | Resilience

At Chessbrook we understand that most of our students have experienced unplanned changes and challenges in life which have had a significant impact on them and their families. 


What is Chessbrook's Whole School Therapeutic Approach?

Whether we are greeting students as they start their day…or teaching an important science principle…all staff can respond to and engage students using therapeutic principles…to enhance mental wellbeing and learning.

Informed by neuroscience, developmental psychology, trauma informed frameworks and educational experience, our approach offers ways of being, thinking and communicating which build emotional connection to support the mental health and wellbeing of our students and families.



Our Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care system is designed to support students with a range of experiences that they may face. We aim to reduce stigma attached to mental health wellbeing by engendering an ethos supported by the Justtalk campaign that encourages openness whereby students can seek support at school, at home or online as they gain knowledge about how to promote good health and wellbeing.


Personalised Learning Mentors

Each student is supported and guided by a Personalised Learning Mentor (PLM) who forges a strong relationship with the student and family members. The PLM is critical in establishing communication between school and home and will make weekly contact updating on their progress and any issues that may arise. The PLM is key in helping the student develop new and more helpful ways of thinking, behaving and building positive relationships. 

Support for students

We promote topics of safeguarding, well-being, healthy lifestyles and how to keep safe through daily circle times, breakfast & brunch, through our curriculum and through our 'Chill and Chat' sessions. We also ensure we stay in touch with students during the summer break and offer activities for them to engage in with Chessbrook staff.