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Courage | Pride | Resilience


The science curriculum at Chessbrook is beyond outstanding! We provide a flexible, creative and stimulating learning environment which re-engages our students with a love of learning and a desire to do well. Our exceptional teaching ‘hooks’ our students' interest and develops their sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena.


STEM activities are regularly incorporated into our bespoke science curriculum. These activities are hands-on and challenging but our students always have fun along the way and talk about what they've learned! This practical approach to learning helps our students retain more information and understand concepts better. 

Each term we have a designated week for whole-school STEM. During this time, all students engage in STEM challenges with their peers. This allows them to demonstrate courage, show resilience when problem-solving and feel proud of their achievements at the end. 

Examples of previous STEM Challenges

  • Paper planes
  • Egg drop 
  • Water rockets 
  • Marble run
  • Electric cars