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The management committee is Chessbrook ESC's governing body. The committee is comprised of local Primary and Secondary Headteachers, County Councillors and Alternative Provision providers. 

This is an excellent combination for ensuring that Chessbrook meets local needs in the context of education. The committee also oversee how we operate and the way we spend our budget of public monies.


Members of the management committee are as follows

Michael Jones Chair of Management Committee | Headteacher - Parmiters School
Mark Watkin Vice-Chair of Management Committee | Councillor
Tim Body Chair of Resources Committee - Headteacher - Westfield Academy
Sylvia Tai Chair of School Improvement Committee - Headteacher - Watford Grammar School for Girls
Nigel Bell Vice-Chair of School Improvement Committee - Councillor
Richard Booth Headteacher - The Reach Free School
Steve McShannon Headteacher - Chessbrook ESC
Hannah Trickett Headteacher - Maple Cross JMI School
Paul Forman Alternative Provision Provider - Watford Angling Coaches
Rosi Jordon Retired Deputy Headteacher - Specialist Leader in Education
Suzanne Briscall Clerk to the Management Committee
Jenny Buckeridge  School Business Manager - Chessbrook ESC (Co-opted Member)
Naomi Lessiter Safeguarding and Attendance Officer - Chessbrook ESC (Parent /Student Advocate)