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We provide an outstanding curriculum at Chessbrook that produces countless opportunities for our students. Strengthening their confidence and knowledge in reading, writing and communication is what we do best.

Our bespoke, ambitious and enthralling journey captures and expands their imagination and creativity. Our topics engage and excite students, reigniting their devotion for English and accelerating their progress.

Our exceptional teaching with our wealth of knowledge, experience and resources ensures no lesson at Chessbrook is ever tedious!

Reading and Literacy

Reading and Literacy development is evident all throughout Chessbrook. It is integral to our DNA, providing opportunities to strengthen and master these skills in all areas of Chessbrook life. We are committed to enabling all students to become competent, fluent and lifelong readers. 

To encourage inquisitive readers, we are continuously revising the literature on offer in our designated library and classroom spaces. Promotion of reading is evident from the moment you walk into reception with our book of the month, to designated reading corners within the classrooms of a variety of subject areas, providing specific literature linked with their curriculum area. We have set aside time each week to offer students the opportunity to read for pleasure with their personalised learning mentors. We even provide news literature each morning for them to access during breakfast and brunch. 

Additionally, phonics teaching is a key part of developing our learners’ reading skills. Phonics teaches how to decode words quickly and accurately so they can eventually read words by sight. Once our students have mastered decoding and recognising words automatically, this frees up their working memory so they can focus on comprehension. 

Arriving at Chessbrook, all students are assessed through New Group Reading/Spelling assessments and a Phonics Diagnostic Test. Students are then offered wave-approached intervention depending on the outcomes of their initial assessments.  We offer bespoke interventions for any learners that require them so that we can close the gap on missed learning, therefore developing confident and happy readers.