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Courage | Pride | Resilience


The maths department at Chessbrook is ambitious in providing an engaging and enjoyable curriculum for all students.  We shape the learning for each individual student, ensuring access at their level, building key skills and knowledge in their journey to their end-point.

Maths develops good thinkers - we aim to develop problem-solvers with positive mindsets and a resilience to persevere in tackling problems.

We gain great satisfaction in seeing students engage positively with their learning, building the skills and knowledge that enables success with their next steps - a return to school or in achieving success with Functional Skills or GCSE.



We recognise that strong functional numeracy gives the best opportunity for success in college, work and adult life.  Students engage in numeracy across the curriculum on a daily basis - it is integral to teaching and learning at Chessbook. Developing sound numeracy promotes high standards in all subjects and supports overall student outcomes. 

Maths concepts and ‘big ideas’ are celebrated through displays around the centre, from our giant interactive ‘Pascals Triangle’ wall art to our digital display of current Maths’ themes.

We celebrate Maths Days with fun, individual and team numeracy activities involving friendly competition.

During our collective ‘Circle-Time’ activities, students and their mentors work collaboratively, enjoying the opportunity to engage in fun, stimulating and thought provoking activities with numeracy skills embedded. Students also enjoy the opportunity to try to solve the regular Maths Challenge – a problem involving numeracy and lateral-thinking.