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Courage | Pride | Resilience

Rewards & Expectations at Chessbrook

Chessbrook is an exceptionally positive place to learn and students thrive through their resilient approach to their work. They are courageous in their approach to challenging tasks which also includes home learning and they take pride in their work. 

Our attitude and behaviour towards our students is supportive and we endeavour to capture their achievements throughout the day. As a staff body we have the philosophy to catch the students doing the right thing. 


We want our students to embrace our school values and leave Chessbrook with a balanced moral compass and high self esteem. Our aim is to empower them to understand that kindness, empathy and upholding British values are equal to academic achievement. 

Our expectations for students are always aspirational and we feel passionately that they should be rewarded for their efforts. Reward slips are handed to the students not just in lessons but in all areas of the school and include three separate coloured reward slips:


  • Pink (enrichment) recognise extra curricular activities, home learning, leadership and positive contributions to our Chessbrook community 

  • Blue (school values) captures examples of courage, pride and resilience

  • Green (progress) empowers students to produce excellent work, make outstanding progress, show exemplary behaviour and to make a superb effort in class

Having tangible rewards, that are linked to a points system, helps us to keep track of the progress the students have made. The data produced acts as an indicator to further celebrate all students' achievement at our annual awards evening which is held at Watford Football Club. This prestigious event is attended by all families, the alternative provision team, external agencies, management committee and the whole staff body.