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In every lesson the students can gain merits for their effort and attitude to learning. Each merit is worth a penny and at the end of the students time in Chessbrook they will receive a voucher reflecting the number of merits they have earned.

At the end of each day, students who have arrived at school on time and achieved a 1 or 2 grade for effort throughout the day. Students are also rewarded with merit slips. 

Each week student names will be posted on the noticeboard in the common room of those who have the most merits, 100% attendance and who have completed homework. The students also receive a certificate.

Students are awarded certificates for the amount of merits they have achieved at the end of each term.

We encourage positive behaviour and award merits to individuals for: 

Achieving targets – learning objectives  
Good attendance and good punctuality
For engaging in enrichment activities 
Being awarded as student of the month
Acts of kindness and helpful behaviour