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What is Primary Extended Roll?

Chessbrook's Extended Roll provision is an umbrella term for a range of interventions that are offered to primary schools. Chessbrook prides itself on the delivery of this valuable provision and the impact that it has on the students. Within our offer, we follow a tiered approach which ensures the right support can be offered at the right time for those most in need. Our work will;


  • Build reparative relationships with each student, school and parent/family to support their positive engagement in school
  • Identify behavioural or SEMH needs,
  • Facilitate changes which empower students to have courage to move forward and flourish
  • Help students have a more positive sense of self-worth and pride in the things they can do in order to unlock their potential to succeed in their school journey and beyond
  • Support students to develop resilience in dealing with negative experiences and life’s challenges, embedding lifelong coping strategies.

Primary: Where we fit in the DSPL Primary Strategy

Chessbrook provides primary outreach support (Tier 3) for all primary schools in the DSPL9 area with the aim to reduce the risk of fixed term and permanent exclusion.

As part of Tier 3 of the DSPL strategy we offer a range of interventions to primary schools for children with significant needs, whose behaviour is still impacting on themselves and/or others, even after the implementation of strategies from DSPL9 tiers 1 and 2.


Tier 3: Specialist Outreach

Support from Chessbrook includes:

• Working to support schools to meet the needs of named children

• Weekly outreach mentoring

• Advice and strategies for SENDCos, teachers and key staff from an expert primary teacher

• Counselling from a qualified practitioner for up to half a term

• Reflect & Relaunch (or similar working) multi-family group programme

• Herts Steps support including risk reduction plans

• Observation and feedback

• Transition support for Year 6 into Year 7


Primary Extended Roll Contact

Gita Newth - Primary Extended Roll Coordinator -

Primary Referral Pathway

Chessbrook can provide a variety of approaches that are tailored to the child's specific needs. We can also provide school staff with advice and guidance on various strategies and interventions that can be used in school, in addition to our more targeted work with our family groups. To ensure you are referring to the correct service, please click the 'Primary Referral Pathway' button to access the flowchart before making a referral.


How we work within primary outreach - Intent, Impact & Implementation


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