Education Support Centre
Courage | Pride | Resilience

Art and Design 

At Chessbrook It is our goal and vision to provide a rich, inspiring, and broad curriculum, which will ensure that our students will have a deep appreciation of the place of art and design within the wider world. We are passionate about the study of art and we believe strongly in its value for each individual student.


We aim to work alongside our students, parents, and teachers in order to support positive engagement we aim…

  • To provide a safe, dynamic and nurturing environment that will help our students to build on positive relationships in the Art Room and empower students to have the courage to make changes and move forward.

  • To equip our students with the skills to engage, take risks, and explore their own identity, taking pride in their work and their place in the world through art. 

  • To support students to develop a strong sense of self-esteem and resilience to empower them in dealing with negative experiences and life’s challenges, embedding lifelong coping strategies in order to unlock their potential to succeed in their school journey and beyond.