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Summer School 2022

A lasting affect of the pandemic is the impact that it had on our students in the four areas of need: Communication and Interaction, Social Emotional and Mental Health, Cognition and Learning and Sensory/Physical needs. From assessments carried out by our SEN team we have identified that Communication and Interaction and Social, Emotional and Mental Health are still areas that effect our students. In addition to these key areas of need, many students do exhibit gaps in their literacy and numeracy learning. 

The aim of the Chessbrook summer school is to promote positive mental health for our students and to keep them connected to education throughout the summer holiday. 

The Programme

Our 2022 summer school ran each Thursday and provided students with the opportunity to check in with their Personalised Learning Mentor (PLM) and other Chessbrook staff as well as meeting up socially with their peers. There were a range of academic and enrichment activities on offer which included; arts and crafts, drama sessions, team building games, sport sessions, cooking, gardening and reading, literacy and numeracy activities. The chosen activities were designed to address the highlighted needs of the students and the programme ran weekly so that we were able to maintain regular contact with students throughout the summer.