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Chessbrook is committed to raising the standards of numeracy of all its students. We recognise that numeracy skills are essential to cope confidently with the demands of college, employment and adult life. Functional Skills Maths and Numeracy are integral to Maths teaching and learning at Chessbrook.


Chessbrook staff work hard to overcome negative attitudes to maths and in doing so create mathematical resilience. This positive ethos is fostered in all subjects throughout the curriculum and in less formal settings. During our collective ‘Circle Time’ activities, students and their mentors work collaboratively, enjoying the opportunity to engage in fun, stimulating and thought provoking activities with numeracy skills embedded. Students also enjoy the opportunity to try to solve the regular ‘Maths Challenge’ – a problem involving numeracy and lateral-thinking.


Students who attend ‘offsite’ programmes have the opportunity to improve their numeracy skills through real-life contexts, from motor vehicle maintenance to fishing. It is important that all students develop the ability to apply numerical understanding and skills confidently to solve problems in a variety of contexts and to cope with the practical mathematical demands of every-day life. The improvement of numeracy skills raises students’ mathematical attainment, which in turn promotes high standards in other subjects.