Management Committee

The management committee is Chessbrook ESC's governing body. The committee is formed mainly of local primary and secondary headteachers, county councillors and a local authority officer. This is an excellent combination for ensuring that Chessbrook meets local needs in the context of education. The committee also oversee how we operate and the way we spend our budget of public monies.
Members of the management committee are as follows:

Jeremy Turner

Chair of Full Management Committee

Executive Principal

Bushey Meads Academy

Bushey St James Trust











Edward Conway

Chair of Resources Sub-Committee


St Michaels Catholic High School








Paul Forman

Watford Angling Coaches


James Roach

Head Teacher

Laurance Haines School








Nigel Bell




Mark Watkin









Steve McShannon


Chessbrook ESC



Naomi Lessiter

Safeguarding and Attendance


Chessbrook ESC

Parent Advocate 








Lyn Harding

Business Manager

Chessbrook ESC

Co-opted Member


Current Representative of Schools Financial Services for Schools

Herts for Learning

Co-opted Member







Clerk to the Governing Body

Suzanne Briscall