Film and Drama Club

Students at Chessbrook are offered Film and Drama Clubs as extra-curricular activities that takes place weekly outside of students’ normal learning hours.

The clubs were set up to encourage students to broaden their literacy skills, as well as other personal qualities such as increase their confidence and self-esteem. Equally as important, students have the freedom to explore themselves and other characters, have fun and build stronger relationships with peers and staff. Throughout the year students study monologues, comedy, masked theatre, improvisation, script work and mime. They also have the opportunity to scrutinise or praise work by others by writing their own personal reviews of film and theatre. Students do not only have the opportunity to watch classic and modern film, but also explore the skill and technique required to develop a film from script to screen.

Rewards are offered to students who maintain strong attendance records, good effort and consistently good behaviour. In the past we have arranged trips to London’s West End, which have been a new and unique experience for some of our students. More recently, we completed a successful trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden. Students are given behind the scene access the world of film making and experience the incredible skill and time required to produce a film.

Overall, we strongly believe these clubs have an influence in students’ behaviour and attendance at Chessbrook. Students who attend choose to be there and more importantly feel safe in the environment. If a students’ behaviour is unsatisfactory during school time, they understand that their invitation to the Clubs may be affected.


Student experience:

“I feel lucky to be involved in drama and film club, because usually it is offered to only younger ages. Drama is a way for me to be able to lose myself and relax. I enjoy pretending to be someone I am not, for example: an army officer, a boxer and a bomb disposal technician.

I am inspired by the skill and courage shown by all the people who are responsible for putting together a play or film.”


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