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Courage | Pride | Resilience


Students study a wide range of musical styles from different traditions and parts of the world. Students are introduced to the contexts in which these different styles are composed and performed and explore exciting music through their own performance and composition work. Genres studied include reggae, blues, classical music, world and pop music.

In GADE and KS3 students practice the keyboard, guitar, bass guitar and drums and learn how to rehearse effectively both as individuals and as part of a band. This is an exciting, fun and enjoyable subject where the students can gain new skills for a lifetime of musical appreciation and performance.


Drama is all about making learning fun! We build confidence in a safe environment by exploring drama physically as well as having a large focus on how we can incorporate literacy in an engaging and practical way. Students are able to shape their learning journey through various options within the variety of topics we cover so that they can develop a love of performance (even if it is behind the scenes). Creativity and imagination are always encouraged in drama!

Students are introduced to the foundations of drama conventions and devices. While exploring these skills, students' passion and interests are ignited through mime, improvisation, script writing and reading. The drama curriculum supports and encourages their literacy skills in a practical way, that also supports their personal development and encompasses the Chessbrook values of courage, pride and resilience